Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Foxy and Panda

Foxy is 2.5 inches tall, soft white mohair shaded with black and tan markings. He wears a little red leather collar with tiny antique silver bell.

He was modelled on my own real wire fox terrier, Teddy Girl.

Panda is 3.5 inches tall, soft white and black mohair with wool felt pads.

Baxter and Bedtime Bobby

Baxter is a Welsh Terrier 3 inches tall, tan mohair with black shading.

Bedtime Bobby 3.5 inches tall, antique mohair teddy wearing Edwardian cotton pyjamas and a vintage teething ring.
They are the best of friends.

Its an Easter Parade!

These little vintage style chicks and Pit-a-Pat Duck are made from hand dyed mohair with gentle shading in places. theie feet and beaks are made from 1930's wool felt.
They all wear vintage Easter Bonnets ready for the parade.

Peeps is 3 inches tall
Baby Peeps 2 inches tall
Pit-a-Pat Duck 2.5 inches tall

Please e
mail if you would like further details.