Monday, 18 August 2008

A Happy Couple 3.5 & 3 inches tall

A happy little couple of teddy bears created from hand tinted mohair in a faded gold and old creamy white. They golden bear has deep amber eyes and his partner has brown eyes. They both have articulated arms and are heavily weighted.
They wear vintage flannel and cotton clothing with lots of fine detail.

Nathan 3.5 inches tall

A sweet little bear created from 100 year old pale golden mohair which shows gentle signs of wear and tear.He has boot button eyes, a slightly worn nose, articulated arms and heavily weighted. He wears a vintage flannel jacket trimmed with antique buttons and striped trousers which are removable.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Raggety Rose 3.5 inches tall

A faded pink bear with a very soulful expression. She has a slightly worn nose, boot button eyes and is heavily weighted.
Her antique silk dress is trimmed with old lace and a vintage rhinestone brooch.

Coco 3.75 inches tall

Hand tinted Edwardian style bear with gentle expression made from 100 year old mohair in soft brown tones. Slightly worn nose, boot button style eyes, four wool felt pads, articulated arms, heavily weighted.
Antique off white cotton and lace dress with silk ribbon bow and antique metal flower brooch.